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Organic Lavender Skin Scrub

Your skin will feel luxurious.

Gently polish your skin with refined sugar and 

organic oils to improve the appearance of your skin

and prevent sun damage.


Ingredients:  Lavender, sesame oil and refined sugar.

                       All ingredients are organic.


Coming Soon:    Additional versions with anti-aging peptides and vitamins,

for which our patent covers.

An organic moisturinzing skin scrub that increases collagen and elastic production.

Ultimate use is with a skin polishing brush in the shower.


Stir before use, because natural settling occurs.  It is also luscious to just put your fingers into our creamy mixture and enjoy the soothing sensation it provides.  We recommend a stone head for your beauty brush, for optimal effect.


The process of refining the sugar makes our scrub safe for the face and neck.

Our luscious skin polisher exfoliates and nourishes

with natural ingredients that provide protection from sun explosure.

It improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin and leaves it feeling luxurious.

The skin scrub may reverse and prevent signs or conditions of aging.

Currently, we use Pay Pal for all sales.  PayPal will include a 7% sales tax.  

Include the location of shipping for regular mail. 

Cheryl Kelmar, Vionyx,, Javish,,, New Thought, Consciousness

8 oz for $40


$5.00 for shipping








Lisa Darsonval:

“I love your scrub! It makes the whole apartment smell like lavender and it feels very decadent when using it. My skin feels so soft and moisturized afterwards too.”



Dorothy Dent:

"It's so creamy and felt so nice and calming on my face"

Cheryl Kelmar.

Cheryl Kelmar.

Cheryl Kelmar.

Cheryl Kelmar.

Cheryl Kelmar.

Cheryl Kelmar.

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